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Terms and conditions – Cancellation policies

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE HOTEL: a) THE HOTEL will provide to the GUEST, the service of accommodation of a room and its accessories, by means of the payment of the rate (canons) and current prices at the time of the provision of the service and according to the plan acquired; rates and plans that appear on this hotel registration card. The provision of these services will be subject to availability and to the schedules, shifts and physical stocks of the inputs, goods, facilities or spaces necessary for it. b) THE HOTEL may at any time arrange the change of room and the GUEST must accept it. c) THE HOTEL is entitled to the daily collection of the accommodation service and other consumptions made by THE GUEST during their stay. In case of non-payment, THE HOTEL has the full right to dissolve the lease agreement even without the term being fulfilled and demanding the delivery of the room and/or area used. In the event that THE GUEST does not voluntarily vacate, THE HOTEL has the right to vacate the room and/or area used and to retain the luggage property of the GUEST, against which the debt will be paid according to the law. d) THE HOTEL will require at the moment of the GUEST registration a credit card that supports the value of the accommodation and consumption made during their stay. GUEST RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. a) THE GUEST knows the rates (fees) and current prices of the HOTEL at the time of the provision of the service and according to the plan acquired. These rates and plan correspond to those that appear on this hotel registration card. b) the check-in time is at 11:00 a.m. and the check-out time is at 2:00 p.m. The partial use of the hotel day causes the payment of the full rate. C) the guest accepts and agrees to comply with the indications and policies of the HOTEL. In that understanding, he will be responsible even for the slight fault and will be in solidarity with his companions. d) In the event of loss or total or partial damage of the HOTEL’s property for cause attributable to the GUEST or its companions, the latter will recognize the price set by the HOTEL, plus 50% as a penalty or fine. e) Any companion of THE GUEST who is not registered and make use of the accommodation exclusively reserved for THE GUEST must register and pay the corresponding lodging fee as well as the consumptions made. THE GUEST will be jointly and severally liable for the values ​​generated. f) THE GUEST admits that the practice of sports, physical exercises, driving of ships or vehicles, use of instruments or tools and in general, any activity that implies a risk, implies that both he and his companions have the necessary skills and knowledge that allow them to assume these risks, as well as the responsibility in case they suffer any damage or injury. Consequently, expressly exempt the HOTEL for any consequence derived from the practice and/or performance of such activities. g) THE GUEST assumes the responsibility of supervising at all times of his stay in the HOTEL the minors who accompany him, since he knows that there is free access to the area of ​​the beaches and the pool of the HOTEL. h) By signing this hotel registration card, THE GUEST authorizes the HOTEL to use the credit card provided at the time of arrival at the HOTEL for the payment of the total bill, which includes “early check out” and Last-minute charges, in case you have not canceled the values ​​caused by another means of payment when you leave the HOTEL. i) Be responsible for the loss of their valuables such as jewelry, cameras, money, equipment or utensils that remain in the room or service areas different from those that THE HOTEL has for its deposit, exonerating the HOTEL from all responsibility loss of all goods that have not been formally delivered at the time of entry. TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT. The accommodation contract ends by: a) Due to the expiration of the agreed term. b) For breach of any of the obligations of the parties. c) When the dates of stay are not accurately indicated on the registration card, the contract will end upon arrival at the check-out time. In case of early termination, THE GUEST must pay the rate corresponding to the term initially agreed, however in the event that early termination occurs as a result of domestic calamity, guest or group illness in charge or air quota problems, The HOTEL may return the money caused. WARNING: In development as provided in Art. 17 of Law 679 of 2001, added by Law 1336 of 2009. THE HOTEL warns the GUEST that the commercial sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents (CSEC) in Colombia are criminally and administratively punished. Consequently, any behavior from which it may derive or there is suspicion of activity related to CSEC will be reported to the respective authority. AUTHORIZATIONS: a) I (we) authorize irrevocably to MÚCURA CLUB HOTEL so that for statistical purposes of control, supervision or commercial information and within the framework of the law, consult or report before the risk centers and/or any other entity that Manage data banks on commercial credit behavior and in general the fulfillment of all my obligations. b) I expressly authorize MÚCURA CLUB HOTEL, so that in accordance with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, I will handle, process and store my data provided here, exclusively for advertising purposes.

Check in 11:00 am, Note: if the room is available at the time of registration it will be delivered immediately. Check Out: 2:00 pm. Múcura Club Hotel, generates its own electric power through ACPM-powered plants and alternative sources of solar energy; The energy service at the hotel from 6:30 pm to 6:00 am. Due to the hotel’s internal policies, alcoholic beverages and/or food are not allowed. Weapons are not allowed inside the hotel premises. Múcura Club hotel rejects exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sex tourism with minors and contributes to compliance with Law 679 of 2001 and Tourism Law 300. Illegal marketing of flora and fauna and cultural property is not allowed inside the Hostel.


CANCELLATION POLICIES: 1-HIGH SEASON (December 20 to January 20, 2019 – Easter 2019) Cancellation of reservations with prior notice: If the cancellation occurs within 15 days prior to the arrival date no refund is generated If the cancellation is made within 30 to 16 days prior to the arrival date, NO REFUND IS GENERATED, and the hotel will issue a service voucher valid for 6 months from the date of issue. LOW SEASON Cancellation of reservations with prior notice: If the cancellation occurs within 10 days prior to the arrival date NO REFUND IS GENERATED, If the cancellation is made between 30 to 10 days prior to the arrival date IT IS NOT GENERATED REFUND, and the hotel will issue a service voucher valid for 6 months from the date of issue. 2- NO SHOW: if the passenger does not show up at the hotel on the date of arrival THERE IS NO PLACE FOR REFUND. 3- Interruption of accommodation in advance: Any early departure by decision of the passenger WILL NOT HAVE REFUND, except for force majeure or fortuitous case duly proven. Example: weather reasons, acts of terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, calamity or medical emergency. In these cases the values ​​will be refunded according to the corresponding administrative penalties and expenses.

Any cancellation of reservations already paid and confirmed will generate automatically and without exception, a charge for administrative expenses of 10% of the total amount of the reservation.